2015 Party

1st Annual Customer Appreciation 2015 Party

was a huge success!!! 

There was awesome food, great fun and games and prizes for the kids, wonderful conversations with friends, fun was had by all!

Want to win a car at next year’s party?

All loyal customers are entered to win, stop by today and see us for

all your automotive repair needs!

Mechanical Services, Inc. held it’s 1st Annual Customer Appreciation 2015 Party on September 12th.  There were games and prizes for kids and adults, excellent food like pulled pork, smoked/grilled half chickens, home made baked beans, pumpkin bars, etc.  No one left hungry, that’s for sure!  

We here at Mechanical Services wanted a way to give back and say thank you to our loyal customers, so we decided to throw this 2015 Party in their honor.  

Not only did we have awesome food and fun and games, we GAVE AWAY A CAR to one lucky loyal customer!  Khader Meshinesh won a 2001 Volkswagen Passat GLS with 108k miles, and all he had to do is be there to WIN!  Do you want to win a car at the 2016 Party?  Become a loyal customer and you too have the opportunity to do so!  What a great 2015 Party, thank you to all who attended and made the day special!!!

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