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October 26, 2015 – Blog

Let’s Get Ready for Winter Together! Are you prepared?

Regular maintenance is one of the top responsibilities of owning a vehicle. However, when the temperature drops and the winter elements start to arrive, it becomes even more essential to make sure that your vehicle is well maintained. Mechanical Services, Inc. is one of the most reliable automobile repair facilities in the area, and for good reason; the mechanics will ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top condition for what might be a brutal winter.
Here are a few helpful tips from Mechanical Services on what you should consider when preparing your vehicle for the winter:
• Check Your Antifreeze. This is an essential part of your car’s winter protection. Before temperatures really drop, check to make sure your antifreeze level is close to 50/50. When is the last time you had your radiator flushed? Let’s get you checked out to make sure your vehicle will be running at peak performance before the snow begins.
• Inspect Your Tires. Roads will naturally become slippery when it gets cold. Check the treads on your tires to make sure they are safe for winter weather conditions. Don’t forget to check your tire pressure as well, as tires tend to lose a little pressure when it gets cold.
• Replace Your Wipers. Between the leaves of fall making their way onto your car, and snowstorms, you will want to ensure your wipers are ready for the job. The mixture of snow, dirt, sand, and salt can be hard on wipers that are a few years old and dangerous when driving.
• Check Your Windshield Wiper Fluid. Chances are you’re going to need a good amount of wiper fluid. Don’t wait until you run low! Pick up an anti-freeze windshield wiper fluid and be prepared.
• Check Your Battery. Chances are you’re going to need a good amount of power to start your vehicle in Wisconsin’s cold climate. Don’t wait until your car won’t start! Stop down and pick up a new Interstate Battery today and have it installed free of charge. Don’t be fooled by cheap prices on batteries at local stores, buy the best and keep your family safe on the road.
Don’t get stuck this winter! Stay safe and schedule your vehicles maintenance services with Mechanical Services, Inc. this winter. Call (920) 235-3169 for more information on their auto repair and preventative maintenance services. Mention this post to receive 10% off any Interstate Battery purchase in November!!!